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Age structure Census 2011 Key Statistics (KS102EW)
Bradford Children's Centres There are 41 children’s centres across the Bradford District, each serving a population of around 1,000 children aged 0 – 4 living in the centre’s reach area - a geographic boundary within which the centre targets its services. The data on children seen relates to the % of children aged 0 – 4 living in each reach area that have had contact with a children’s centre in the previous 12 months. Contacts could include a home visit, family support, or attendance at a group activity such as a Stay and
Bradford District Ward Assessment This data view provides access to a number of ward based indicators with District and Area Committee comparisons. Indicators have been organised into themes and are available to view both as an interactive area dashboard and as a table.
Bradford Housing List of key housing indicators for Bradford
Bradford Indices of Multiple Deprivation Wards 2007 This data view shows the estimated results of IMD 2007 at Ward Level for Bradford District.
Bradford Key Stage 4 (GCSE or equivalent) This data View provides you with access to Finalised Key Stage 4 Data for Bradford District by Wards. The main indicators used in this profile are: KS4 Pupils Attaining 5+ A*-C, KS4 Pupils Attaining 5+ A*-C including English and Maths, KS4 Pupils Attaining 5+ A*-G including English and Maths.
Bradford Parish and Town Council Data View Bradford Parish Boundaries. Includes Ceneus 2011 Population for the respective Parish boundaries.
Bradford: Unemployment (Monthly) This Theme provides detailed information on Job Seekers Allowance claimants for Bradford District
Bradford: Unemployment (Quarterly) Bradford Job Seekers Allowance Claimants by Quarter
Car availability 2011 Census Key Statistics (KS404EW)
Dwellings/household spaces 2011 Census Key Statistics (KS401EW)
Ethnic Group 2011 Census Key Statistics (five categories) Ethnic Group 2011 Census Key Statistics (five categories - White, Mixed, Asian, Black, Other)
Health and unpaid care 2011 Census Key Statistics (KS301EW)
Household composition 2011 Census Key Statistics (KS105EW)
Kirklees destination of school leavers, NEETs Destination of school leavers, e.g full-time education, employment, NEET etc (Kirklees Council areas).
Kirklees female population by broad age groups
Kirklees health related benefits Incapacity Benefit (IB), Severe Disablement Allowance (SDA), Disability Living Allowance, Working Age Incapacity Benefits (IB, SDA and Employment Support Allowance combined).
Kirklees housing (prices, properties, households) Average (mean, median) house prices by type of dwelling (detached, semi, flat, terraced, all types), No. of properties/households (council tax system).
Kirklees male population by broad age groups
Kirklees overview Population, welfare benefits, economy, children and family benefits, pensions and attendance allowance, ethnic group, tenure, housing, car ownership, gross household income, crime
Kirklees pension credit
Kirklees population by broad age groups
Kirklees population by ethnicity and religion 2001 Census Ethnicity and religion (2001 Census)
Kirklees recorded crime Recorded crime - 14 classes
Kirklees: First release of the Census 2011 Results (persons)
Living arrangements 2011 Census Key Statistics KS104EW
Lone parent households with dependent children 2011 Census Key Statistics (KS107EW)
Marital and civil partnership status 2011 Census Key Statistics (KS103EW)
Population (broad age groups) Census 2011
Population (gender, lives in a household/communal establishment) 2011 Census Key Statistics (KS101EW)
Rooms, Bedrooms and Central Heating 2011 Census Key Statistics (KS403EW)
Tenure 2011 Census Key Statistics (KS402EW)
Wakefield domestic gas/electricity consumption Wakefield domestic gas/electricity energy consumption
Wakefield ethnicity (Census 2011) Ethnicity indicators from the 2011 Census, for Wakefield geographies.
Wakefield ethnicity (write in responses) (Census 2011) Detailed ethnicity information from the Census 2011
Wakefield housing sales (Land Registry) Volumes of sales from the Prices Paid data from Her Majesty's Land Registry.
Wakefield mental health Wakefield mental health
Wakefield road traffic accidents Counts of road traffic accidents involving casualties, and numbers of casualties. From STATS19 data.
Wakefield school inspection results (Ofsted) The latest and previous Ofsted school inspection results for all schools in the Wakefield district
Wakefield special educational needs or disability (SEND) Wakefield special educational needs or disability (SEND)
Wakefield teenage conceptions Wakefield teenage conceptions
Wakefield waste management Wakefield waste management
Wakefield: Health improvement (PHOF) Wakefield: Health improvement (Public Health Outcomes Framework)
Wakefield: Health protection (PHOF) Wakefield: Health protection (Public Health Outcomes Framework)
Wakefield: Healthcare public health and preventing premature mortality (PHOF) Wakefield: Healthcare public health and preventing premature mortality (Public Health Outcomes Framework)
Wakefield: Improving the wider determinants of health (PHOF) Wakefield: Improving the wider determinants of health (Public Health Outcomes Framework)
WY PCC Public Perception Survey West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Public Perception Survey
WYP Recorded Crime by (financial year)
Kirklees unemployment (jobseekers allowance) Unemployment (jobseekers allowance) by gender, age group and duration. With claimants now being transferred to Universal Credit, this measure undercounts unemployment.
Kirklees: First release of the Census 2011 Results (males)
WYP Recorded Anti-social Behaviour Incidents (financial year)
Kirklees working age benefits Working age benefits - people claiming the following benefits JSA, lone parent, IB, ESA, carer, disabled, bereaved, others. Note: a person is only recorded once and is assigned to the highest statistical group that they belong to (Job Seeker highest, Bereaved lowest). This ensures that a person is not counted twice.
Kirklees: First release of the Census 2011 Results (females)
WYP Recorded Crime (monthly) Crimes recorded by West Yorkshire Police
Kirklees: First release of the Census 2011 short-term migrants and communal establishments residents, households
WYP Recorded Anti-social Behaviour Incidents (monthly) anti-social behaviour incidents recorded by West Yorkshire Police
Accidental Fires (annual)
Accidental Fires (quarterly)
Economic activity 2011 Census Key Statistics (KS601EW)
Wakefield health and lifestyle survey (2009) Wakefield Health and Lifestyle Survey (2009)
Economic activity (males) 2011 Census Key Statistics (KS602EW)
Deliberate Fires (annual)
Economic activity (females) 2011 Census Key Statistics (KS603EW)
Access to services and amenities
Industry 2011 Census Key Statistics (KS605EW)
Access to transport
Deliberate Fires (quarterly) Deliberately started fires attended by West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
Occupation 2011 Census Key Statistics (KS608EW)
NS-SeC National Statistics Socio-economic Classification - All people 2011 Census Key Statistics (KS611EW)
Adult skills
Method Of Travel To Work Census 2011 Quick Statistics (QS701EW)
Adults not in employment, dependent children, long-term health problem or disability, households 2011 Census Key Statistics (KS106EW)
Alcohol related crime
Births and deaths
Child emotional health and development
Child poverty
Child Wellbeing Index (CWI) 2009
Children and Young People
Children and young people (NIS)
Community cohesion
Cultural participation
Debt and personal finance
Disability with age and gender breakdowns
Economic activity
Economic activity by equalities group
Economic Deprivation Index 2008
Employment structure
Ethnicity and country of birth
Healthy lifestyle behaviours
Highway maintenance
Household composition
Housing market
Indices of Deprivation 2004
Indices of Deprivation 2007
Informal care
Labour market and jobs
Learning disabilities
Local Economic Monitor
Local economy (NIS)
Low income benefits
Low income benefits by equalities groups
Mental health
Mortality from key causes
Multiple Deprivation
Older People
Outcomes of transition age groups
Output Area Classification (OAC)
Perceptions of crime
Permanent sickness and disability
Poor health by equalities groups
Poor health conditions
Public transport services
Pupil absences
Pupil attainment
Pupil attainment by equalities groups
Pupil characteristics
Recorded crime offences
Religion and Belief
Road safety
School performance measures
Sexual health
Sexual Orientation
Smoking, drinking and substance misuse
Social care
Stock condition
Teenage conceptions
Tenure and dwelling type
Total population by gender and broad age band
Travel to work
Unemployment Bradford Wards: Job Seekers Allowance Claimant Rates (Monthly)
Unemployment rates for equalities groups
Volunteering and local participation
Vulnerable pensioner households
Wakefield pupil attainment and pupil characteristics Locally produced data on pupil attainment within Wakefield District, along with other nationally sourced data on pupil absence and free school meal eligibility.
Public health indicators
Waste management
Work limiting illness
Work limiting illness by equalities group
Worklessness flows
Young offenders
Wakefield employment by industry sector (Business Register and Employment Survey)


Bradford Housing  This profile looks at the housing stock, overcrowding and the housing market in Bradford 
Calderdale Overview  This overview profile of Calderdale is available at a range of geographies. The smallest level is Lower Layer Super Output Area (LSOA). LSOAs broadly represent local neighbourhoods. The profile is also available at ward and district level. For further information, contact 
Census 2011 Second Release Profile  This profile is of key Census 2011 Indicators with District and England comparators. 
General Area Profile 

The information in this profile has been drawn together to provide a general overview of this area. Most of the statistics provide a snapshot in time of the characteristics of people and places. Charts showing trends over time also highlight how some aspects of people's lives have changed over recent years. The profile contains a number of sections. You can click on the links below to jump to a particular section. 

Latest population estimates by five-year age band and gender  Latest ONS mid-year population estimates by five-year band and gender 
Overview Access to services and amenities   
Overview Access to transport   
Overview Adult health and wellbeing (NIS)   
Overview Adult skills   
Overview Adult skills - by equalities group   
Overview Age   
Overview Alcohol related crime   
Overview Births and deaths   
Overview Census 2011: First Release  Census 2011 First Release. 
Overview Child emotional health and development   
Overview Child poverty   
Overview Children and Young People   
Overview Children and young people (NIS)   
Overview Children in care and at risk children   
Overview Community cohesion   
Overview Cultural participation   
Overview Debt and personal finance   
Overview Disability   
Overview Disability with age and gender breakdowns   
Overview Earnings   
Overview Economic activity   
Overview Economic activity by equalities group   
Overview Employment structure   
Overview Enterprises   
Overview Environment   
Overview Environmental sustainability (NIS)   
Overview Ethnicity   
Overview Ethnicity and country of birth   
Overview Fire   
Overview Gender   
Overview Healthy lifestyle behaviours   
Overview Highway maintenance   
Overview Homelessness   
Overview Household composition   
Overview Housing market   
Overview Informal care   
Overview Infrastructure    
Overview Labour market and jobs   
Overview Learning disabilities   
Overview Local Economic Monitor   
Overview Local economy (NIS)   
Overview Low income benefits   
Overview Low income benefits by equalities groups   
Overview Mental health   
Overview Migration   
Overview Mortality from key causes   
Overview Multiple Deprivation   
Overview Older People   
Overview Outcomes of transition age groups   
Overview Output Area Classification (OAC)   
Overview Perceptions of crime   
Overview Permanent sickness and disability   
Overview Poor health by equalities groups   
Overview Poor health conditions   
Overview Population projections   
Overview Public health indicators   
Overview Public transport services   
Overview Pupil absences   
Overview Pupil attainment   
Overview Pupil attainment by equalities groups   
Overview Pupil characteristics   
Overview Religion   
Overview Re-offending   
Overview Road safety   
Overview Safer communities (NIS)   
Overview School performance measures   
Overview Sexual health   
Overview Sexual Orientation   
Overview Smoking, drinking and substance misuse   
Overview Social care   
Overview Stock condition   
Overview Stronger communities (NIS)   
Overview Tackling exclusion and promoting equality (NIS)   
Overview Teenage conceptions   
Overview Tenure and dwelling type   
Overview Total population by gender and broad age band   
Overview Training   
Overview Travel to work   
Overview Unemployment   
Overview Unemployment rates for equalities groups   
Overview Volunteering and local participation   
Overview Vulnerable pensioner households   
Overview Waste management   
Overview Work limiting illness   
Overview Work limiting illness by equalities group   
Overview Worklessness flows   
Overview Young offenders   
Quick Ward Profile   
Wakefield Neighbourhood Profile Part 1   
Wakefield Neighbourhood Profile Part 2   
Wakefield Priority Neighbourhood Profile   
Wakefield Seven Area Profile  Statistics, charts and maps describing Wakefield's Area Working areas. 
Wakefield Unemployment Benefits Claiming Profile  Profile of claiming unemployment benefits (Jobseeker's Allowance and Universal Credit) 
West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Public Perception Survey Trends  West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Public Perception Survey Trends 
Wakefield Ward Profile   
Overview: Crime   
Overview: Deprivation   
Overview: Economy   
Overview: Education   
Overview: Environment and community   
Overview: Equality and Diversity Data Pack   
Overview: Health   
Overview: Housing   
Overview: National Indicators   
Overview: Population   
Overview: Transport   

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